Fitness Post Introduction

Hi, I'm Toe Knee and I joined early and posted late… kudos to Dee for making me write this.

I don't own a scale and couldn't find the tape measure before I came out to work so I don't have any wonderful numbers to post… yet.  Though I have a wonderful girlfriend who does stuff for me, which is like having your own personal assistant who puts out.  So I should be posting some measurements fairly soon.  

I did buy a Northern Fitness Power Gym two days ago as part of this, you see I spend the better part of the next few months in a small trailer babysitting a Drilling Rig in Northern Canada.  I stay here 24 hours a day and it's frigidly cold outside right now so I'm not too keen on jogging just yet.  I started working with the Power Gym yesterday on some basic exercises which turned out quite pitiful, I really am starting from the bottom here, today the number of reps I was able to do before collapsing literally doubled across the board.  Tomorrow I shall start recording the exercises I'm doing including number of reps and time spent.  Then maybe some of your more experienced folks can offer some pointers.

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