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One of the advantages of relying on my feedreader rather than the broken Voxwatch features is that I'm looking at non-vox blogs more frequently.  Today I showcase Scott Adams' Dilbert.Blog which is a great one to read if you like a fresh and often humorous perspective on the world around you.  Yesterday he posted an idea about how more peace could be achieved through communication, something I've often maintained is a great course of action.

Full Article Here.

"You might support your government in a war against a country full of people you don’t know. But would you support a war that has a good chance of killing your e-mail friend Phlubanakawahaha and his entire family? There is some theoretical level of citizen-to-citizen contact that makes war between two countries virtually impossible.

And think how much you could learn if you had a pen pal in Iran or Syria or China. It would be hugely interesting, especially for senior citizens and students who have extra time on their hands."

I love the basic principle of this, however I don't believe currently that the people have enough say regarding the actions of their governments to silence the war-drums.  

"Internet penetration isn’t as high as it needs to be worldwide for this idea to work yet, but we’re getting there. This would be about the right time to get the system going. Maybe it’s a good project for the U.N., funded by the Gates Foundation.

The $100 laptops we keep hearing about will eventually give Internet access to even small villages. Imagine having a pen pal in some tiny African village. You learn that all they need is one of those foot-operated water pumps for irrigating fields and a bag of seeds and they can build a decent life. For a few hundred dollars you could save an entire village and get to see the results in real time. Who could resist?"

This is why I'm anti-censorship.  We need to facilitate communications more to break down barriers and allow bridges to be built.  We should be fighting for this not only in our own countries, but in other nations as well. I've met people from China over Skype that can't read my blog because it's censored in their country.  One Laptop Per Child is another fantastic program that if you don't know about you should really check out, it's a really great effort that if continued, will undoubtably raise the education level of the children of third world countries help them improve their way of life.  

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