Guilt and Laziness

I find the week coming to a close and my resolutions and weak promises to the Vox fitness challenge are wavering.  Valentine's day heralded Tash coming out to visit me with wonderful gifts including a great ring, a very touching card and two bars of the best rasberry-white chocolate I've ever tasted in my life and a tin of cinnamon hearts which I've always been fond of.  It took me three days to consume the chocolate, and it's likely more of the stuff than I've eaten in 2 years, not counting Mochas which I've pretty much given up 3 months ago on account of my doctor telling me I had to get my blood sugar under control.

I'm finding my motivation to work out has been lacking too these past few days which is really the worst of it.  I need to push myself but I'm constantly finding other things to do, which is a cop-out because really there is nothing.  At least it's warmed up and the wind has died down, I've done a bit of walking but that's not really excercise.  

So now I stand before my peers and confess my sins because it's easier than the alternative which would be to simply get up off my ass.  I lose nothing by failure, because I'm young and have so much time… another week of laziness won't kill me, I still have my health.  Worse yet, I have little motivation to push myself, no sports I play in, no team relying on me, no women to impress, no milestone to push for.  I'd like to be able to do 20 chinups in a row at the end of this, which I don't doubt I could achieve if I applied myself, but to what end would I do so other than minor bragging rights?

I took my measurements today, which I'll post in inches to keep as a milestone of any progress I make.  
Chest: 47"
Waistline: 43"
Hips: 43"
Biceps: 15"
Height: 5'10"

Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can shrink most of those numbers. 

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