The Joy of Discovery

A while ago a friend of mine who had at the time recently become a father described the joy of fatherhood being in that  when his new boy was seeing things or touching them he was exploring those things for the very first time.  As a person who loves to explore and find new things I can appreciate that concept.  But one thing I'd not considered is the joy of showing something new to someone else, which is fairly silly if you think about it because that's what I do so often here on Vox is try to show a little perspective from my own life.  


Today I discovered a show called The Curious Tribe on Discovery Civilization, and I was immediately intrigued and fascinated by it.  The show is about a group of 6 tribal members from a traditional community in Papa New Guinea spending 2 weeks in London and northern Wales discovering and learning about western civilization.  It's fascinating to watch them and hear about their perspectives on our lives.  They see things we don't and offer strange and uncanny insight one minute while the next exploring a simple thing like an automatic door or snow with wide-eyed wonder.   I found the whole thing delightful.  

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