My Solution to this Iraq Fiasco

As the presidential primaries are coming to their climactic finish, I'm starting to see which issues are going to be pushed in the coming months and one of the big issues is going to be national security.  The FISA bill is still drawing a lot of attention, torture is yet a hot topic, but the biggest issue that's closest to every American is the war in Iraq.  Now we know that McCain has pledged war for all eternity, and we know Obama supports withdrawal and Clinton sits somewhere in the middle.  We also know that this war is supremely expensive in terms of both money and lives and whether or not you believe the "surge is working" rhetoric, the fact is there aren't any troops coming home yet.

Now I'm going to pretend that there is a moral justification for this war even though I know there is not.  War has never been about helping people and never will be.  War is about seizing assets, in this case oil.  It's fairly obvious at this point that the assets are seized, however by withdrawing they would be wide open for Iran to march in and take all the precious black gold as their own and that would be just no good.  

But anyhow, back to this whole "Moral War" fiction:  The United States government would like for it's people to believe that they're busy blowing up buildings over there to help the Iraqis accept and embrace the joy and enlightenment of democracy into their hearts and minds.  The problem is, democracy forced upon you while looking down the barrel of a gun doesn't seem like the utopia you'd always envisioned.  Make no mistake, to the people of Iraq the US troops aren't glorious liberators, they are a foreign invasion, and because of this perception it is nigh impossible to re establish a government. 

There are two solutions to this; the Bush regime can acknowledge it's expansionist policies and just declare Iraq conquered and thus the 52nd state, OR they can walk away, ask the UN to come in with peacekeeping troops and allow the Iraqi's to rebuild their country before they start eating their own dead.  

That's right, I said it, the UN!  Those nancyboy paper-pushers who didn't want Iraq invaded in the first place because they were too fucking incompetent to find those WMD's!  But incompetence aside, UN soldiers would look a hell of a lot less foreign invaderish and might even be able to calm some of those suicide bombers into a more lethargic state with their liberal opiates.  This in turn would give the American military some well deserved R&R before going after someone else… I'm thinking Iran or North Korea myself.

The idea isn't that crazy.  If the United States pledged 1/4 the money that's being spent on the war to the UN to help clean up iraq and get them on track again it would be not only a huge economic burden lifted, but a major step towards healing broken relations between the US and the UN.  It would be a fantastic step towards a more enlightened US foreign policy that could start to heal the rifts between the American people and the rest of the world.

And hey, if you don't think my idea has merit you can always put you're trust in this guy.  

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