Personal Update

Today has been a pretty casual day for me and nothing politically has overly pissed me off so I'm feeling good.

Two days ago I bought my very own piece of internet real-estate which I will be posting a custom blog of my very own on, I doubt many of you will read it because it's going to focus on Role-Playing and Gaming culture, and won't at all be like this one, which I assure you I won't be abandoning. 

My storywriting juices are starting to flow a bit more and I've been slowly developing ideas.  This is nice but I still don't have anything I could start pounding out into something cool yet.  Instead it's given me a boost of confidence about the game I run over Skype.  I'm really stoked about running it tonight and seeing where things go.

Fitness wise I'm trying to consider what I'm eating and doing more.  Still not pulling off very many chinups but I'm going to keep working at it.   Anyhow, that's sorta it.  Not too much happens out here to really get worked up about, hence the casual day so I'll end the post with a pretty picture which will be the cover art for the Exalted Fair Folk book which will hopefully be on store shelves this fall, right now it's my wallpaper.

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