FoxNews… oh so credible

Shit like this makes me sick.  

FoxNews posts an article about the candidacy race and has to throw this little tidbit in at the bottom:

"Who is Usama Rooting For?

Who does Usama bin Laden want to be the next president? More people think the terrorist leader wants Obama to win (30 percent) than think he wants Clinton (22 percent) or McCain (10 percent). Another 18 percent says it doesn’t matter to bin Laden and 20 percent are unsure"

Okay… first off we who use the english language use periods at the end of sentences.  If you're using a pen this is accomplished by pressing it down but not moving it, or if you're using one of those new-fangled typewriters or computer thingys it's that button sorta below the one that says "L"… try it out.  

Also, Osama bin Laden is spelled with an "O"!  Not a "U".  I'm really suprised actually that you would mess this up because spelling his name the right way would make it all the easier to do the ol' Obama/Osama freudian slip which some networks are working hard to perfect.

But really, if you want to publish crap, why not make it factual crap?  Why not use Senator Obama's MIDDLE NAME!  You can find it on his Wikipedia page which I'll provide a LINK for you in case you can't figure out how to get there.  It's Hussein!  Just like that guy who ran that country… what was it again?  You can say he's channeling the essence of the two greatest enemies of the US in recent history, I'm sure your readership will believe you, because if they're believing your shit now, then they'll likely believe anything.

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