A Warrior Prince

Today the Huffington Post posted an article about Prince Harry having been fighting in Afghanistan for the past 3 months.  There are claims that he's personally seen combat and that he threatened to resign his post should he not be allowed to serve a combat post.

I think I'm probably in the same camp as most people when I find this very cool that a royal member is fighting in a war.  If Canada's prime minister, or America's presidents, or hell even our rock stars and corporate moguls; were sending their children off to fight in a war I'm pretty sure there would be some serious questions raised about whether or not it is a war we should be fighting.  I think it does a lot for the morale of a nation to have someone so highly placed willing to risk his life for such a cause.  

Having said that I sincerely hope that his presence doesn't further politicize the efforts of the troops in Afghanistan.  To paraphrase from Sun Tsu's Art of War: "A General must exercise the disciplines of the military without interference of politics to be successful."  And the reverse is true as well, a military man does not necessarily make a good politician.

But all that is moot because ultimately this is about one boy taking up arms in service to his country, I hope that on the battlefield it's never going to be anything else, otherwise it lessens the nobility of his service.  Let it be called whatever it will back home and abroad, but out there a bullet doesn't care who you are, and I hope Harry, his squad-mates, his commanding officers and his enemy are aware of nothing else.

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