For Shush: From the Writer of God’s Debris

I'm finding I'm enjoying Scott Adam's Dilbert Blog, he writes some very interesting things.  I've read a bit of his web book God's Debris which I didn't find particularly groundbreaking because they were thoughts I've had long ago, but the fact that he wrote them signals that he's an enlightened soul.  (By enlightened soul I mean that he thinks like I do.)

The last two posts he writes about how people's individual sense of beauty could be proof that there is a God, which is rather profound if you think about it… we know that there are instinctive perceptions of attractiveness, but there is still personal preference as well.  From a scientific standpoint this is a variable that cannot be quantified (or whatever), but from a metaphysical standpoint it is a fundamental aspect about we as humans that cannot be explained.  

Isn't that cool?

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