A Tribute to Gary Gygax R.I.P

On March 4th Gary Gygax passed away after suffering multiple strokes and an heart attack.  Gary was a co-creator and co-founder of Dungeons and Dragons and the Co Founder of TSR.  Nearly every Role-Playing Game, be it Pen and Paper or Video owes some degree of inspiration from his work and anyone who realizes that not all dice have 6 sides probably has been touched in some way by his legacy.  

I've taken the time to dig up some of the other tributes to him, for mine is woefully inadequate.

I hope gamers everywhere observe 1d6 minutes of silence for one of the great contributers to RPG's.  May he rest in peace.

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One Response to A Tribute to Gary Gygax R.I.P

  1. roboter says:

    Im not a gamer but I can spot genius and Gary Gygax was one. Personally I can't sit in front of a tv for 24 hours playing a game and not winning any money but obviously you young people can and do. If I had a penny for every gamer who spends 20 hours of his life a week playing games I would be a million air. It shows why 70% of our children are overweight and will be teased in school as a fat geek who's too out of shape to play a real game like football,basketball,baseball,track,OH WAIT,you can play those games on X BOX.Get off your butts and do some exersize before you die before your 30. Roboter

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