Toe Knee the Matchmaker – Hath Married OSX and Windows Mobile in (Un)Holy Union

Despite some pretty significant setbacks, my evil empire achieved a major milestone today for I have succeeded in getting my Macbook to connect to the internet using my PDA!  Over bluetooth no less!  

The dark gods are fickle though and for this great boon they demanded a sacrifice… Last night my satellite dish which has thus-far been a complete waste of way too much money decided to go wind surfing and flew from the roof of my shack severing the arm from he dish.  If that isn't a sacrifice to the dark gods of the intertubes I don't know what is.  

A Virgin Sat-Dish has died for the greater good.  The internet crops I reap better be bountiful this season.

Oh, and I've enhanced my hottness!  I have altered my hairstyle for the first time in several years, and for your viewing pleasure I shall post pictures.  Ladies, feel free to swoon.

The Before MeCrew Haircut with HighlightsYes, I am THAT Crazy.

The first picture is me with old hair.  Second is me without styling product after the cut.  The Third is Me With Faux-Hawk courtesy of new cut, just for those days when hair-straight-back isn't good enough.

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