Why Vox Still Kicks Ass! – Married Voxer Edition

This morning despite having 615 unread posts in my feedreader I've been taking my time going through my voxy friend's posts first because if I start punching through posts to wear down the numbers I won't take the time to meaningfully respond to all the great stuff I read.  

I doubt I'll ever fully leave Vox, it's a great little corner of the intertubes that has some genuinely unique personalities that really do bring joy to my life.  So today I'm gonna throw a bit of love around and thus explain why it's still worth coming here.

Awesome Husbands and Wives.

For me this is utterly true for three couples of whom I got to know the same way.  I met the wife first, and then came to find the husband just-as or possibly more awesome.  

Buttrock Ken (Awesome pornstar name btw) and Shush are both great folks who I totally intend to give ranking positions in my evil empire as soon as the banks approve my loan.  Shush is discovering critical acclaim on WordPress as we speak, which I'm thrilled about mostly because I yelled at her and made her go back to it.  I just hope that as she skyrockets to fame she'll say hi to me every once in a while.

Redzillla and Hubbicula are also a fantastic couple.  They deserve each other so much, because they both crack me up.  Just today Hubbicula said to me:

"Well, the war is "stimulating the economy" in the way that Bush conceives of "stimulating the economy"–i.e., funneling public funds into the coifers of Bechtel, KBR, etc. 
At any rate, every time I hear Bush talk about "stimulating the economy," I imagine that he's picturing the economy as a prostate, and all he needs to do, is…"

It's a good thing I have a defibrillator here with me… I almost died.

Then there's Foxsydee and her husband Slasher who are great people and so energetic.  Dee is fantastic and beautiful in all the ways that matter, and slasher is an athlete par excellence I'd love to go climbing with him sometime.  They're both going through a bit of a tough time right now which worries me.  I hope things work out.

So those are the three couples on my list that both vox.  If you know others I'd love to hear about them, especially if they're crazy. 

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