This is Why the US Government Needs to Spy on it’s Citizens

From the Huffington Post

"Blogger Michael Nygard was flying to San Jose with his various digital accoutrements including his Blackberry and new MacBook Air when he ran into some trouble passing through the TSA security checkpoint. When Michael put his MacBook Air through the x-ray machine, a gaggle of TSA agents pulled him aside and gathered around the MacBook Air to determine how much of a threat it was to national security. "There's no drive… and no ports on the back. It has a couple of lines where the drive should be." A younger agent tries to explain that it's not a "device" but a fancy new laptop. Eventually, Michael gets his machine back but finds he missed his plane."

From this post we can ascertain only one thing!  That the Transportation Security Agency is not updating the software on their vat-grown ninjas.  This is obviously due to the fact that the telecomm companies are putting the pressure on the US Government for not passing the FISA bill by not supplying the necessary information needed for these people, and thus why the TSA never got the memo about the MacBook Air or that Bush hasn't gotten the memo about the $3.25/gallon gas prices.  

We can only expect these events of misinformation to increase as the FISA amendments go unresolved, so please call your state representative and say that you're willing to inform the government about anything they want to know, like the MacBook air… and rising gas prices.  After all, it is your patriotic duty.

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