Contemplating Cheap Fuel and “Living Off the Grid”

One of my dreams is to be able to travel where ever and whenever I wish without having to worry about if I can afford it.  

My girlfriend and I have pondered a trip across Canada for the past 2 years, but I've balked repeatedly because with fuel prices as they are currently, driving around for a week in my V8 gas hog would be the cost equivalent of a down payment on a small house.  I love my truck, it's pretty, red, and fun to drive, and it works for me in my current situation because I work 90% of the time and it stays parked.  Tash doesn't drive it because it's a stick and she doesn't feel comfortable in it so she drives around a 1990 toyota tercel and loves the thing despite the fact that her dad is warning her that it's on it's last legs.  But it's a good situation for now… though when the car dies things are going to have to change, because every time we fuel my truck up, it costs us nearly $100.00 and at 11 around m/gallon, driving it around constantly makes me balk a little.

Tash likes the truck even though she doesn't drive it, she doesn't want me to sell it, but I see no point in having a vehicle that doesn't make sense to drive. She likes the freedom to go offroading, or drive through snowdrifts, and having 4×4 when the roads turn to a sheet of ice (something that's pretty common in the winter up here) is peace of mind to her.  I like the fact that it's a pretty toy that's my own and still looks sharp and sporty to drive around in, but to me a Motorcycle could accomplish that pretty well too… at least in the summer it could.

So today I was contemplating driving and fuel costs as I walked down the driveway to the lease where my drilling rig sits on, as the wind buffeted me continuously, and I thought to myself… what if I owned a chunk of land here… I could set up wind turbines and never have to pay a hydro bill again, and maybe sell off the excess electricity for a profit…
But hydro bills are just one aspect of everything, what about fuel?  Well I got to thinking about Canola which is a common crop around here and is used to make oil much like corn.   I know diesel engines are actually capable of running on straight oil with a few modifications, so I got to thinking, what if I planted Canola oil on the same land that I had the wind turbines on?  I could process the canola myself and use it to fuel a diesel truck and/or car plus the tractor I would need to harvest it.  
Add in a handful of livestock for meat, a greenhouse (powered by said wind turbines), and a well with a water purifier, and I could theoretically live a completely modern life without the usual modern infrastructure to function.   All I would need is a chunk of land and the money and ambition to get all that on there.  Then I could sit-back and surf the net over Satellite or Cellular internet to my hearts content….

Sounds nice doesn't it?

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