Me and My Laptop Bag

This is me in my coveralls with my new laptop bag.  It's little and fits my laptop perfectly and I bought it for $25.00 at a pot paraphernalia store in town.  It says Marijuana Medic on it, which I think is really fitting in some ways while raising huge professionalism issues at the same time, so I bought some cool patches to understate the pot logo on it. The big patch is Dropkick Murpheys, and the little pin is a picture of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that says "Support your local lying dumbfuck asshole!"  ~ I figure that enhances the professionalism factor a whole bunch right there.

On the back which you can't see is a Rage Against the Machine patch and a Godsmack patch as well, all sewn on my my very-best-and-known-for-her-iron-tipped-fingers-girlfriend Tash.
For the record, while I have no problems with Pot just as I have no problems with drinking, I do neither while I work ever.  Intoxication and saving lives do-not-mix and I take that quite seriously. 

But I do love my laptop bag.

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