Coming Up on the Home Stretch of the Exalted Publication Drought

Exalted, Second Edition
Alan Alexander

I've been waiting for freaking ever for White Wolf to release another book in it's Exalted game line.  I've got to say I'm disappointed in their constant delays for the past 6 months.  I buy every Exalted book they realize because I run a regular exalted game and have the most serious kind of brand loyalty that there is.  I regularly visit their forums regarding exalted and even subscribe to a podcast put on by a couple of loyal gamers.  

Normally White Wolf tries to keep to a schedule of releasing one book for their exalted line each month, which back around last October if you looked at their release schedule would remain pretty consistent.  However the hotly anticipated Dreams of the First Age release has been delayed over and over since it's original release date in December.  Other books have been delayed over and over to the point where a book that wasn't even on my radar back in November is being released this april along with three other books that I've been dying to see since 2007.  

Now I subscribe to the White Wolf developer's  livejournal, and they've posted a fairly good apology and explanation about the delays, but to a 

gamer who just plays the games, this might feel like neglect.  I don't know what White Wolf's sales figures show, but simply from the forum records I can see that enthusiasm for Exalted is considerably greater than for their other game lines, so it would behoove them to work hard to keep their fan base.  

Anyhow, 4 Books within the Exalted line are coming out in April, and this concerns me, these aren't cheap books and 4 books will amount to over $150.00 which is a tough expense to swallow all in one month.  Normally I buy books on both PDF and in hardcopy because they're that important to me but that's a huge expense, and I'm pretty affluent as far as gamers go.  

Dreams of the First Age has the potential to lead the way for a huge line of new supplements for the game that could carry this current edition of exalted for an extra two years so that they don't need to move on to an Exalted 3rd Edition after the majority of the supplements are released.  Which would be a very good thing, because while changing editions to re-release the supplements makes financial sense and keeps games developing, it alienates fans who have to spend money again to buy books that are essentially reprints of the old ones with only minor tweaks.   However with Dreams of the First Age being released in the same month as three other supplement books, I have a feeling that the gamers will have to pick and choose what they buy and this may effect things negatively as far as their revenues go.  

So anyhow, if any of you have gotten this far through this post which I can only assume is extremely boring then my hat's off is to you… I apologize and please don't think that boring posts like this are going to be a trend, I don't mean to alienate you.  But I'm on the edge of my seat counting down the days til I get my new Exalted books downloaded on PDF and get to spend my Christmas and upcoming birthday gift certificates in the bookstore.   So this is important to me.  

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