Former President Clinton on Gay Rights

I came across this video today which I have to admit, I'm not quite understanding what he's saying.  It seems like he's making the issue more complex than it should be.   And then he gets frustrated that the girl who's interviewing him can't seem to get why he's done such a great thing… I understand how gay marriage works in Canada, or as much as I'm inclined to know anyways being that those specific laws won't be effecting me directly… but I can't seem to wrap my head around this stuff… why does this defensive marriage act need to exist?  Maybe some of you guys can help explain things to me better.

President Clinton on Gay Marriage

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One Response to Former President Clinton on Gay Rights

  1. Clinton is one of the shrewdest politicians in history, so his answers have nothing to do with how he feels and everything to do with public opinion (votes). The majority of voting Americans are uncomfortable with federally forced pro-gay marriage laws, so no viable candidate is going to support it. It is like coming out for federal legalization of recreational drugs. Political suicide makes it hard to have any effect on policy. You can't sway the laws if you aren't in the game.Clinton nailed the heart of the issue by saying he lives in the Real World where policy has to be formed in practical terms, so that it won't be completely rejected by the masses. Small victories are better than none at all.

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