Disclosing Information about RCMP Taser Use in Canada

Sometimes when I read about all the crap the United States Government pulls on it's citizens, I forget that it's not my country.  

Now Canada is by no means perfect, and I think the press isn't tenacious enough in digging up bad and interesting stuff, occasionally they report something that pleases me, like this.

It sometimes strikes me how tame our law enforcement seems compared to other countries.  If three cops get killed on the job it's a national event, flags are flown at half-mast for a week.  Every Canadian Soldier that is killed in Afghanistan is reported on the national news, and if a non-english speaking person is tasered to death in a Canadian airport it sparks a national investigation.  These are the crimes we care about a lot, and the fact that these things are still important to us makes me feel happy to live here.

There is now an investigation being carried on about how much is disclosed regarding tasering incidents.  Apparently the information that was being disclosed isn't enough and this is a problem.  I always preach accountability of government so the fact that this is being reviewed and reported pleases me.  Though it makes me somewhat regretful that I wasn't aware of these transgressions before, I wonder what else I and the rest of my countrymen are missing…

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