The Etymology of the Word ‘Tentacoo’

In the days of your grandma's internet, in a time long before people were captioning what their cats were saying, personal online content was done on Geocities and Google was barely a glimmer in a young college student's eye, there was a Mad Genius by the name of Ghastly.  

Ghastly, like many in that time had heard of a far-off land called Japan, who's people were quite peculiar.  In Japan they practice an art called Hentai, which Ghastly spent much time and long hours of reaserch attempting to fully understand.  Once he completed this daunting task, he published a thesis of his findings on the internet so that we westerners could understand and appreciate the subtleties of this aspect of Japanese culture.  

During this thesis Ghastly's Mad Genius shone through, and he pioneered new ground.  Here I draw from portions of his great works to explain to you the origins of the word 'tentacoo'.

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