Wednesday Yahtzee! No More Heroes Edition

I've decided to start a regular tribute to my favorite regular web video.  I've been following Zero Punctuation almost since it's conception and I've loved every second of it.  So from this point on I will heartily endeavor to spread the foul-mouthed word of Yahtzee further across the interwebs.

Incidentally today he reviews a game I've had for a while now, the reason for this is that living in Australia video games seem to ignore the slow boat from China in getting there and rather opt to swim instead.  Perhaps because it seems that China is actually closer to Australia then America is…

So anyhow I've somewhat enjoyed no more heroes, and my opinion actually mirrors his.  Except that I believe I did attempt to define what it was, which is a video game parody/homage to hock house action films and old video games.

Anyhow, on with the movie.  Enjoy.

Zero Punctuation – No More Heroes

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One Response to Wednesday Yahtzee! No More Heroes Edition

  1. Hieronymus says:

    Yeah, I love good ol' Yahtzee too, and I too haven't had any luck embedding his videos in my Vox blog. Shrug… We always start our Wed. night gaming session by watching the latest Zero Punctuation review.

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