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I don't blog about myself personally very often.  Mostly because when I'm at work there's not much going on outside of what I find on the internet.  But every once in a while I try to fill people in on what's going on.  Eventually someone might get a really good impression of what my life has been like over the past year from reading my blog.

I was bored last night so I mentioned to Tash that I'd like to see her.  She one-upped this and brought one of my oldest friends Kyle out as well.  Kyle and I go way back, knew each other in grade school.  He say's that I've been one of his most steadfast friends and coming from him that's a huge compliment.  The guy never lacks for popularity.  
Kyle wanted to know when I get to come home, for the fact of the matter is I've had about 9 days at home since New Years, the answer is as soon as this rig finishes this well.  After that she's getting racked in a farmer's field until mid-june while the road bans are on.   

(The next paragraph will be an explanation of what I just said, so if that's not interesting to you feel free to skip it.)

For those of you who have ever lived up in a cold climate, you'll understand what happens when the ground freezes for those of you who haven't the process of freezing and unfreezing wreaks havoc on roads.  The permafrost coming out of the ground takes a couple months and during that time the ground heaves causing pavement to break which is why canada is loaded with potholes.  Roads are simply incapable of lasting more than a decade up here.  To limit the damage to the roads, each spring the department of highways institutes a road ban on all vehicles over a certain weight.  This means industrial traffic is effectively grounded while these road bans are in effect.  This is called breakup.  Right now breakup is in full-swing, and this rig will just be finishing up the well it's doing and then stop for a couple months.   This gives me a bit of a vacation of sorts unpaid that it is.  

Anyhow, Kyle was most happy to hear that I'll be home again in about a week, this is good news even though Sunday is going to be my birthday and I know Tash has something planned.  Luckily though she checked with me and decided to hold whatever birthday thing she's got up her sleeve one week late.  Tash is so smart.  

Kyle and Tash immediately started watching Idol Gives Back, and Kyle being the gay costumer that he is, had to critique and criticize every article of clothing every performer wore throughout the whole thing.  Kyle is an exercise in duality.  He despises anyone he doesn't think has the brain capacity to stimulate his mind with intelligent conversation, yet very much enjoys working with handicapped people.  He can be one of the most insulting and mean-spirited people I know. yet he is a gem in the customer service industry and people go out of their way to write reviews on his excellence when he serves them.  I'm beyond worrying what he says about me behind my back, but I'm told by many it's not much.  He is a pro at insulting a person to their face with a smile while they think he's genuinely being friendly, it's only because I've known him so long that I can tell the difference between his genuine enjoyment and when he's just toying with someone for his amusement.  

Oh, did I mention he hates queers?  
I say queers from his perspective because Kyle being homosexual, desires a gay partner sure, but he hates the weird effeminate, limp-wristed, pouty lipped, overly emotional queer gay person.   He literally finds it offensive and will be the first to shout out how "fucking gay" a particular anything that falls under the aforementioned category is.  

And even with all this, people find it extremely hard not to like him, Kyle is the most socially secure person I have ever met.  If you incur his wrath you may find the entire town ostracizing you.  If you raised your hand against him, be prepared for the town's entire minor league hockey team to come gunning for you.  The fact that he has all these aces in his pocket though means very little to him, he's quite aware they're there, but he would never need to resort to such things.  He's just too damn smart for all of that, and to him, if something can't be done elegantly it just isn't worth doing.  

So, even though they subjected me to American Idol, which was a torture I'm already planning sweet revenge for, I really did enjoy having him come out here last night.  It's great to have Tash back in town to make sure that even though I abandon my friends all alone for months at a time, they don't abandon me.

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