Because I’m Told Blogs Must Have Cats…

I have a cat.  His name is Lucy, that's short for Lucifer which is a very fitting name.  We rescued him from a crack victim after his mother was hit by a car when he was only a week old.  We fed him Cat milk from an eye dropper and he grew to quite a size.  His sister isn't 1/3rd his size as she was malnourished on cows milk.

Anyhow, he is evil.  When you come visit us he will tease you like a stripper by rubbing up against your leg like he actually intends some sort of affection to you.  This is a lie.  The second you try to pet him or move he will rend one of your limbs until it is no longer useful then return to nuzzling the bloody stump.  

Handsome tho, isn't he?


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