Me and My Evil Cat

Hi guys.  Not been doing much blogging lately and for that I'm sorry.  I missed last monday but today I remembered so today I show you pictures of me and my cat Lucifer.  He's sad today kuz last night he scratched one of his eyes and today he's in pain.  When he's in pain he becomes a huge suck.  Normally he won't sit in anyone's lap for longer than 15 seconds and trying to pet him is a good exercise in reflexes, because he will try and bite you.  But when he's in pain he becomes a lap cat.  

Nonetheless, even though his spunk is drained the one eye half open thing still showcases his overall derangement.

Oh, and the couch we're sitting on is new.  Last week we finished our Living room which now has a new couch a chez chair, and a new 37 inch LCD.   So now my living room is more than a spot to park the computer desk.  Yay us.

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One Response to Me and My Evil Cat

  1. Nacwolin says:

    For being "evil", he sure is a beautiful cat!

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