Wow I’m Of Practice…

I think I tried 10 titles for this post and usually I'm full speed ahead on the first try.  I really haven't been writing much and boy does it show!  I've been getting up every morning trying to read the perpetual number of unread feeds that shrook feeds me until life forces me from my computer to do productive things and the next day the number grows once again.  Writing for me is a culmination of recent thoughts and my opinions on them, which isn't a great way to get a novel going but is fine enough for a blog.  But these days I'm too rushed to really dwell on all the great stuff I'm pulling off the tubes so most of my reading doesn't flow to my fingers.

Yesterday I was interrupted from my daily dip in the putrescent river that is the internet by a girlfriend who demanded satisfaction!  No, not that way… WORSE!  She wanted to re-arrange the living room.  So, after rolling my eyes I rose from the couch like a fat cat from some hibratory slumber and proceeded to perform on demand.  

We got far more done than I expected even finding the time and motivation to re-arrange our bookshelves so that they resemble their purpose rather than the landslide of crap that they were before.  Now they're more like great monolithic alters to consumerism. 

The unexpected outcome to all this manual labor that I was forced to do is that now I have a living room that looks oddly… well good.   The new furniture is looking nice, and the TV while a bit out of place gives the room the utility needed to become our premiere gathering spot, and the cat seems to like it, and we all know how important that is though I really wish he wouldn't express his pleasure by digging his claws into the microfiber with so much gusto.  (At least we knew better than to buy leather.)

Anyhow I have pictures, no before shots unfortunately though if you look up some news footage of tornado wreckage that would give you an accurate impression of what the room was like 2 months ago. 

Left BookshelfLiving Room South East CornerLiving Room Southwest Corner

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