And Now on a Lighter Note…

So today I get three people asking why I haven't been posting, which in most cases generally constitutes as a HINT that I'm missed, or at the very least not carrying my end of the load so before bed I'll say my piece.  

Apparently the piss poor writing of my last post inspired my good friend Ian who I have written about several times in the past to create his own Vox blog.  He claims I've been plagiarizing his thoughts and has decided to write more of them down so he has documented proof that I'm cannibalizing his ideas.  (Please, don't get him started on the Tuscan, or the Truck thing I beg you.)  So I'm chalking this up to the success of a time honored tradition used by men the world over to do a job so poorly that someone else simply takes on the task to spare you the embarrassment.  This might seem demeaning, but who's being demeaned when he's the one sweating and laboring while I'm having a cigar and a beer on my patio?  He can write about the state of Iran and Israel because obviously I've not managed to do that situation literary justice yet.

Our friendship is kinda complex, but that's my way of saying welcome to the hood.

The one other thing I feel compelled to share with you is my new favorite tune.  I've plugged Breaking Benjamin before  but this one stands out.  Take a listen.

07 Dance With The Devil
Breaking Benjamin

Hear that beat?  Sound familiar?  If it seems like it might be easy to dance to, it's because it's a WALTZ!  

How cool is that???

I love it when genres collide messily. 

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