Florida and Michigan Fiasco

Okay, admittedly this is the first election that I've ever followed intently and I still have a whole lot to learn but as I understand it two states decided they weren't influential enough in the primaries and decided to budge to near the front of the line and cast their ballots first.  The teacher (Democratic party officials… DNC?) smacked their hands with a ruler and punishes them for their naughtiness by taking their votes out of the ballot box and throwing them in an ice cream bucket then tells them to go stand in the corner.  

Few things I don't understand about this…  what about the Republican Primaries in those two states?  Do they remain on the same day they were or were they bumped up too?  

Next, moving an election takes ORGANIZATION, AND MONEY, who backed this?  Was it Clinton?  Presumably she knew that those states would vote in her favor, and even if their votes weren't counted she could pin them up on her flag and use them to keep her momentum strong.  The Clinton's have a LOT of pull in the Democratic party, I can't see them having nothing to do with this.  (And yes, this is one of my unsubstantiated opinions that I can't prove.)

All I know is that all the controversy isn't about including the Voters of Florida and Michigan in the democratic process, it's about Hillary Clinton getting the nomination by hook or by crook.  

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One Response to Florida and Michigan Fiasco

  1. Steve Betz says:

    TK — the GOP primaries were also held on the same day — against RNC rules as well. As a result, the GOP decided to punish FL and MI by permitting half the delegates to be seated at the convention as they would normally.When the DNC punished the two states, all Dem candidates agreed not to campaign there and Obama wasn't even ON the Michigan ballot. Yet, HRC will put those "votes" as just as valid as every other one. Terrible.

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