Proof That There Is No Such Thing as a Violent Breed of Dog


One of the many dogs rescued from NFL player Michael Vick's illegal dogfighting ring is now working with cancer patients.  

His name is Leo, and he is a Pitt Bull.

This particular story fans my flames of righteous indignation, because I've heard many times that Pitt Bull's are dangerous dogs that are bread for violence and have no place in civilized society.  My own hometown proposed legislation to ban Pitt Bulls from being walked downtown because they were a "violent breed".  

To those people I say dog shit and here's my proof.  If a so called violent breed of dog can be pulled from a fighting ring and go on to spend time with cancer victims enriching their lives then the argument hold's no more ground.  And hound lovers like me can rejoice, vindicated in the fact that breed profiling, just like racial, religious or sexual profiling is not valid.

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One Response to Proof That There Is No Such Thing as a Violent Breed of Dog

  1. Katiebell says:

    Pitties are awesome, but they do need the right kind of love and guidance, as do those little ittie bittie ankle biters, yorkies.
    I'm pleased to see some positive regarding Michael Vick's dogs.

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