A Senator Speaking on Behalf of the People of America

This isn't my first post on the FISA amendment.  This goes back to everything I've said in my last post about corporations having lawmakers in their pockets.  

Retroactive immunity.  What this means is that in the wake of the 9/11 attacks the Bush/Cheney administration ordered the telecommunication companies to unlawfully spy on American citizens.  Now there are several hundred law suits against the telecommunication companies over this.  The members of the Bush administration NEED to change the law to protect their own asses.  Because if the telecommunications companies are found guilty of these crimes, then the members of the administration will be guilty.  So they are making it legal, more than legal in fact.  Retroactive immunity means that even though what they did at the time was illegal, it's ok because now it's not and they need not ever worry.  

Democrats have been fighting this amendment and it's retroactive immunity since it was tabled, but the administration has been using it as a bargaining chip, and now they're very nearly to sell out the American people's right to privacy for a few reallotted tax dollars.  

Senator Chris Dodd has stood against this amendment and it's retroactive immunity from the beginning, and yesterday he spoke out against it in one of the most honest speeches I believe I've ever heard any politician make in my life.  He may yet fail in his stand for the American people, but he stood up to the Bush administration for the American people when so few others seem inclined to do so.  Here is what he said.

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