Characters that Rant Better than Me

Believe it or not, in real life I'm actually sorta quiet and polite.  I wouldn't say that I portray a character on this blog, but  I do present a more direct and angry side of myself in my writing.  I very much appreciate the character or person who can rant effectively.  So today I will share with you a collection of the most influential angry characters in my life.

Dr. House

House's angriness fills my day with Sunshine.  It's like he makes it his personal crusade to stamp out idiocy.  That I can relate to.


Yahtzee is mean like Simon Cowell is mean, except that like Simon he can deliver praise and so when he does find reason to give praise his status quo of eviscerating the bad makes the praise all the more worthwhile.  (Note that this statement in no way means I pay any attention to any show with the word "Idol" attached to it.  None.  If any of you dare to say otherwise I will sue.)

One of the classic ranters.  Duckman, offers a true perspective on the human condition.
And last, but certainly not least is Foamy.  This video is solely responsible for me ordering all my coffee's now, from starbucks or anywhere else, as "big" "little" or "middle sized".  

These ranters are the greats to me.  I know many of you might wonder why George Carlin isn't in here, but regrettably, even though George played some roles in a few Kevin Smith movies, for whatever reason he didn't cross my radar until his demise.  I will give credit where credit is due though and say that he likely had a good deal of influence on the next generation that I'm showcasing today.

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