How to Be Heard in Washington

I'm pretty sure that after a year and a half of blogging my opinions on politics, technology and oilfield I've become something of an activist.  Maybe not attending rallies or printing signs, but I'm trying to let my voice be heard nonetheless.  So when Silicon Alley Insider posted this article about how to work on changing policy in washington I felt that it's a good thing to share.  Or perhaps only keep a record of to look back on some time later to see whether or not I maintained my idealistic fervor later in life.

So here are a few of the steps published to effectively lobby in Washington.

2. Find the big players who are on your side. There usually are some. Start with the public interest groups like or Free Press, and get them to steer you to the monied interests that you may not have realized agree with you. Like Microsoft, or Aetna, or GM or someone. They and their lobbyists will be happy to coach you with the rest of this.

3. Figure out why you matter to this dialogue. Here's a good argument: "I am a successful, job-creating, innovative entrepreneur and this issue is relevant to people like me". Washington is full of big companies and lobbyists, but few entrepreneurs. Government likes the idea of entrepreneurs.

4. Rope together 19 other people like this and create a "Coalition". Make a website. Write a press release.

5. Draft a letter to some of the key players. Socialize it with the big players on your side, to make sure you are hitting themes they care about too.

8. Get the aforementioned big player to leak it to the top insiders. For example, a major newspaper.

12. Get/make a list of the top reporters covering this topic, and call them to tell them what you just did. Point them to your Coalition's website. Give them some cool quotes for their balanced piece on this topic.

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