Afternoon Ramblings

A few more days til I go home for a week so I'm catching up on paperwork.  It's not fair to leave paperwork for my relief people, even though those people never know what to do with themselves on this job.  I tell you, no one can dog-fuck like me, I'm pretty sure there'd be an award recognizing my hard work in the field of dog-fucking if I could actually be bothered to fill out the application form.  So I let others get the recognition instead.  I'm humble like that.

When I go home, I'm going to watch all the great summer movies coming out.  I may even make it to Dark Night if they don't force me to go back to work before then.  Everyone's been tossing each other off in anticipation of Dark Night, but I'm not one of them.  I'll go see it, but to me the movie I've been drooling big puddles on the floor for is Hellboy 2.  Pan's Labyrinth was fantastic, and Guillermo Del Toro is going to rock Hellboy out hardcore.  

Sunday all my fanboy fantasies were fulfilled when I got my Zero Punctuation Tee Shirt.  Yeah yeah I know, if that fulfills my fanboy dreams then I'm pretty tame, I admit it.  It's mostly just that I've dialed down my expectations since the Police came and asked me to stop sending letters to Yahtzee and Warren Ellis proposing a menage-a-trois. 

I've also been trying to find better more unbiased sources on Iran.  It's frustrating, the traditional media is marching to the Bushies' drum and constantly chants sound bytes translated by Israeli propaganda artists about how Ahmadinejad thinks every American should go to hell.  Meanwhile all the liberal bloggers are all showing pictures of some kid playing soccer to the endless chant of "give peace a chance", and there isn't a single solid fact in the lot of it.  All I know is that Bush is chomping at the bit to blow Iran to the promised land while creating enough jihadist suicide bombers in the process to ensure that America will never ever be safe in my lifetime.  It's a dangerous situation and I wish I could find some credible sources on it.

Oh, and it's a sad time for all you Americans.  FISA amendments went through Senate, rule of law is compromised, and telecoms are free from civil lawsuit worry.  Just waiting for Bush to get back from G8 Summit to sign it. (Like he won't.  This is the magical it's-legal-kuz-I-say-it-is bill drafted to protect him and his cronies from being impeached.) I get word that there may be some loopholes that might still allow for criminal prosecution, but that's a long shot.  The lawmakers have amply proven that they don't care about the rights of the citizens they represent and that makes me sad.  I don't know how these idealist bloggers keep up their strength honestly.

So that's it for me today.  Hope everyone's having a good summer.

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