Political Quote – Scott Adams Edition

"When it comes to picking our next president, I can't decide if I prefer the smooth-talking, inspirational candidate who promises to give my money to people who don't work as hard as I do, or the old, short, ugly, angry guy with one good arm who graduated at the bottom of his class and somehow managed to shag a hot heiress and become a contender for president. It seems dangerous to underestimate that guy."  ~ Scott Adams

I find it interesting that yesterday Obama voted for the FISA amendment that compromised rule of law, but McCain was one of only two senators not present to vote.  Some might say that his absence is negligent, and maybe it was that he had better things to do.  But I think that perhaps his not being there to march lock-step with the rest of the GOP might be because he's trying to get more credit with the Libertarians – or at the very least not alienate them further – without coming across as "Soft on Terror" which of course is death to his campaign.  
Personally I think that the Senate decisions these candidates will make in the coming months will be scrutinized very closely, and in some ways they will be quite telling.  I just hope that the candidate that eventually becomes president proves that they're working for the people and not just playing politics.  That means Obama better clean up his act and stop compromising the bill of rights, and McCain better prove that he can get things done, by actually DOING SOMETHING.

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