Toe-Knee Sad… He’s Losing a Mentor

I have a friend whom from the first day I met him struck me with his wisdom.  He challenged conventional wisdom and looked at all things from a different angle to show real insight.  He wrote with passion and integrity and his words touched and challenged me, made me re-think what I believed and knew.

Slowly that friend is losing the traits that I admired so much about him.  Now instead of challenging conventional wisdom he espouses it.  Instead of revealing new insights he explains the meanings of old cliches.  When once he would question the implications of other's words, now he cries out the same things everyone else is saying without even considering what it means.  

I try to tell him he's changing.  That the things he writes now are almost opposite to what he was writing even a year ago, but he won't see it.  So I've stopped trying.  

He's not becoming a bad person, and I shouldn't complain, he's who he wants to be I guess… it's just in my eyes he's not quite larger than life anymore.

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