Coming Dark Knight, Soup and Zombies

Afternoon all, I am around contrary to what you might think.  I've had the week off work and I won't get to see Hellboy 2 in theatre which is a crying freaking shame let me tell you.  Crazily enough Dark Night came to our tiny little po-dunk town on Opening Weekend so I'll be going to see that tonight, hopefully the rest of the town isn't having the same thoughts.  I've been hearing a lot of hype about this movie, but I've still managed to keep my expectations tepid, but I really wonder if this movie doesn't cure cancer or something if there will be a revolt come monday…

Last night Tash and I tried our hand at making a vegetable broth which was kinda neat, though quite wasteful in my opinion, sure all the vegetables we used likely only amounted to about $8.00 worth but throwing them out afterwards seemed a bit of a shame, I'm sure Shush would have much to say on the matter…  Anyhow this morning we made up a cream of green bean soup which is really really good, and a Miso soup which was an interesting experiment, I'm not sure if I like that much Bok Choy in it… or maybe just the leafs and not the stalks.  Also did you guys know about deep fried tofu?  Apparently Kitsune love it, and if a 9 tailed fox spirit is down with it I think I should try some.
Also, any of you who know Shush know that she had a slight lapse of sanity which resulted in a post about the zombie apocalypse.  What you don't know is that I'm mostly responsible for said lapse.  After reading World War Z, I've been thinking about how a Zombie Apocalypse is sorta metaphorical for just being smart and looking ahead.  We all complain about high gas prices, and how the government needs to do something, but if we all looked ahead and decided to work at making our lives sustainable while that's still possible then we wouldn't have to worry about the government's screw-ups, or potential disasters or any of that.  So with that in mind I started considering how to prepare for a "zombie apocalypse" and create a blog about it.  I told Shush and she of course had some fantastic ideas for some great fiction, so it seems we might have something going on here.  
Anyhow, that's my miscellaneous rambling for the day, take care my peeps and I hope you're having a great summer.

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