What are we looking at here?

          a) The first traces of whiskers on a 15 year-old?
          b) Pubic-hair grafted to the face of a burn victim?
          c) The 8th day of beard growth on a 26 year-old male.

This folks, is as rough as I ever get to look.  A five-o-clock shadow for me is the result of 4 days of forgetting a razor even existed.  I can remain in that state til about day 7 when the microscopic fibers emerging from my face begin to take on color and texture in the right light.  After that it just looks like scraggly pubes emerging from my chin.
In my younger scruffier days (age 22) I tried to grow a goatee.  I tended this project with the care and determination that a young child would tend a dead branch embedded in the soil hoping it would grow into a mighty tree.  I was very determined, I worked at this for 3 months getting the previously mentioned result.  At the culmination of my frustration I expressed to a friend my intentions to shave the "goatee" off.  After turning his head and looking to verify that this goatee was even there he nodded knowingly choosing to acknowledge my fanciful notion with silence.
I don't try anymore.
These days I take good care of my skin, and usually make it a point to shave every 5 days whether I need it or not.  Two weeks ago I found that my trusty Mach 3 razor was corroding to the point where the head wasn't moving the way it should.  I've had the thing for 5 years, so I figure it's served me well… time to get a new one.  
So in the interests of being adventurous I decided to try a different razor this time and picked up a Schick Quattro Titanium.  It has 4 blades in it unlike my previous razor that only had 3, and I figured I might need that extra blade to carve through the jungle of fur that my face would develop after a 3 week bender.  I've used it twice, and so far… not impressed.  The head doesn't move as much as the old one, and I don't get the smooth glide that I'm accustomed to. 
I use some fairly expensive shaving products including a 4-part skin care regimen that I got at the Body Shop last fall.  It includes a facial scrub, face wash, shave cream, and facial protectant.  After getting it first as a small gift pack to try out I discovered it's fantastic, you use so little but it does wonders.  6 months later I bought the full-size bottles for $70.00 all told, and I literally expect them to last me around 5 years.  This new razor doesn't complement my shaving products well at all, old faithful could shave me so bare that you couldn't even feel a whisker for the first 8 hours, this one can't come even close to that, it's awkward to hold and I don't like it.  I'll be putting up with it for this period out at work and then go back and get a new Gillette.  
So Schick, coming from a guy who couldn't grow a beard if he lost a frat-house bet; your product sucks!
One thing I've been considering trying is an old-school shaving kit, you know with the nasty razor blade.  This intrigues me but also frightens me some, my hands aren't particularly steady and slitting one's throat doesn't seem like a particularly enjoyable way to start one's day.  I'm curious to hear if anyone has tried one at the very least and if they'd be willing to recommend it or not.  For the record, if anyone recommends them and I cut myself I promise I won't sue, but if I die I may haunt you over the bad advice.

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