Warren Ellis World Wide Week

This guy makes the internet a better place.  Right now he's doing his World Wide Week, which is where he gets submissions of self-portraits from everyone who comments on his forums and blogs and posts them.

His reasoning?

"Someone asked me yesterday, "why do you do the thing with the self portraits?" And it’s like this: because people forget that there are other people on the other end of the internet. People forget that they’re side by side with other people every time they visit a website, that they’re talking with real people every time they post a comment. It’s too easy for people to let everyone become anonymous on the net. I don’t like that. This whole thing is made out of people. Once a year, I like to remind you."

I'm not in his self portraits, I signed up on his forums once but didn't participate, I just felt like I didn't have anything to offer the community, so rather than just be another pie-eyed fanboy harping on about Warren's genius to his face, I decided to simply watch and enjoy from afar.  If I can't offer something that allows him to continue writing the wonderful works I so enjoy, then I'd likely be hindering him by scrambling for some inconsequential bit of acknowledgement of my existence.  He is very active online and participates openly with his fans and peers alike over the internet, but he demands one thing.  There is no anonymity in his circles.  You wanna call him a dozen slanderous profanities, then you do it as YOUR SELF.  He can't hide his identity from the internet, so it's not fair for those he interacts with to hide theirs.  That's fantastic.  No legal minefields, no chanting about how the internet is full of stalkers and freaks, no hiding away from his fans, just open and honest discussion, over a great medium.

That is inspiring.

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