Unitarian Forgiveness

Sometimes I get caught up in the point I'm making and I forget that in all my activism that people died in the Knoxville shootings.  So when I read this article on it this morning I felt it was important to share it.

"…And in the wake of the anger is pride. Despite my sadness that people were targeted for their choice of church, I have never before been so proud to be a Unitarian, as well as a liberal. Those liberals the rightwing continue to denigrate as weak-kneed cowards proved to be anything but. McKendry was the first to confront Adkisson, to stop him from going any further into the church, before several men rushed Adkisson after several shots had been fired, his victims already covered in blood. They have names too: A history professor, John Bohstedtand Jamie Parkey, just ordinary people. But people who still prove the very best in America still exists. ‘Someone grabbed the gun and we just kind of dog-piled him to the floor’, Parkey said. His wife, Amy, described Adkisson – not as a villain, not as an evil man, not with hatred – but as ‘a man who was hurt in the world and feeling nothing was going his way. He turned the gun on people who were mostly likely to treat him lovingly and compassionately and be the ones to help someone in that situation.’ I wept when I read those words."

It's touching and heartfelt and I hope you take the time to read it.

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1 Response to Unitarian Forgiveness

  1. Jenn says:

    Thank you for posting this. The shooting happened not too far from where I live and Josh and I had attended the Westside UU a few times and they lost one of their members. It breaks my heart. That post was so poignant and heartfelt it brought tears to my eyes.

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