Something Went Wrong in the Primaries…

So lately I've been pondering how we got to this point.  It's Obama vs McCain for President… if I'd said that last year I would be laughed at but here we are, and I'm starting to connect the dots, and the picture that's forming show me that someone's carefully orchestrated plans didn't go as they were supposed to.

My first point is that no one expected the Republican party to win the election.  After two terms of Bush I'm sure even the most loyal GOP guys were ready to put their feet up for a few years and then come back pointing out how all the mistakes Bush made haven't been fixed yet.  It was a giveaway election, hence why they did not field a single viable candidate.  Why waste the money after all?  So McCain takes the nomination, the most Liberal GOP guy in the senate, the resounding *SHRUG* from the party says it all.
So it was gonna be Democrat, we all knew it, we weren't getting worked up over that fact because it was going to be a known quantity in the White House.  A veteran Senator and former first-lady, which is as known as it comes.  She was set to take it, everyone already knew her, her husband had been seen doing great philanthropist work with AIDS over the past few years and her campaign had gotten a huge boost from the top Liberal Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.  The stars were aligned for Senator Clinton and her taking the White House was virtually assured, even anticipated by the people who control such things.
But then something went wrong… 
Florida and Michigan were a calculated move but because of the internet no one seemed to buy it.  The idea was to have them try to bump ahead to get Clinton's momentum going early, but at that point no one was paying any attention, and they were discarded and numbers weren't being added to her delegate count because of the uncertainty.  During those early primaries people were checking delegate counts and watching the debates, and since Florida and Michigan's illegal delegates weren't being counted, whenever we went on to check the delegate numbers the race looked pretty darn close.
So the powers that-be decided to finish off this upstart Illinois senator before he wrecked everything, and they pulled out some footage of an angry black guy yelling "God DAAAAAMMM America" and then clearly painted the connection between Obama and the angry guy.  End of story right?
No.  Obama got stubborn.
Apparently after 8 years of Bush, Americans forgot what it was like to listen to an inspiring speaker, and sure Obama had a track record for giving fairly good speeches, but who knew he could just pull one out of his hat like that?  His More Perfect Union Speech was untouchable and not only nullified any of the damage the attack had done… it reversed it.  It was over 30 minutes long and was probably seen and heard by more people than any other speech in 20 years because of Youtube.  
Hillary had to up the anti and get herself some more cash, but she simply didn't have enough because this upstart had rigged the system using the internet for campaign donations.  It totally wasn't fair, but it wasn't illegal either and suddenly her sure win turned into a struggle.  It was a hard fight, but the rising star of Barack Obama pulled her stars out of alignment and now things are all wrong…
The powers that be don't want this newcomer in the White House.  He's not part of the club, he doesn't have the dynastic credentials on his resume, and it's simply going to be harder to control him.  He's not the known quantity that was predicted, and now John McCain really truly has a shot because now they're forced to back him, sure he's not ideal, but he's certainly a lot more controllable than Barry O.  
So now it's August and the Last few months of the Election are coming upon us and it's Obama vs McCain.  My only regret is that I can't send this entry back in time so that it can be laughed at.  I do so love having the last laugh.

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2 Responses to Something Went Wrong in the Primaries…

  1. xelent says:

    Interesting point this, however, I felt before the primaries that Obama stood a strong chance… So Im not surprised… Govt is on its last legs of course… Obama is seen as change for the better… No matter that he wonnt change a thing of course…The greet thing is mind.. Is the change in the zeitgeist of course.. this is a precursor to REAL change.. eventually… 🙂

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