(tag) Cloud Surfing

Today before I go home I'm going to do a shout-out post to some of my peeps, but unlike the usual shout-out post I'm adding a twist.  I'm surfing the unique tags in my peeps neighborhood.  Vox's tag clouds are an interesting feature and and while I highly doubt many people play with them, occasionally I like to take a look.  

Redzilla has a couple tags that I found rather intriguing.  There's Hate You Hate You Hope You D!!!!!!!e!, and Conspiracy of Incompetence.  I'm actually pretty sure that Redz has those particular google searches pretty much cornered.  There's also 10 posts that are tagged Menstrual Fury, now I really like Redz but I'm also a little bit scared of her so I'm gonna opt not to make any quips about this particular tag.  Probably best for everyone really.
Next in no particular order is Kirk.  The first tag that stood out in his cloud was Harbringers of Cthulu's Return, which is interestingly enough… about cephalopods.  There is also a post tagged Fuck Your Right Wing Denial, which is about Global warming with some very pretty pictures, I'm a big fan of tags with profanity in them so I was slightly disappointed that there was only one post attached to this one.  With Kirk's fascination with Cthulu, I wonder if he's seen any of my posts about Ghastly, as kindred spirits and fellow Cthulu prophets maybe they'd want to share notes…
Arbed has 37(!) posts tagged Stupid Fucking Twat, which just makes me want to clap out loud…
Yod has 12 posts tagged 30 Days of Miserable Childhood, which are great stories and I can't wait for the other 18.  If only all our miserable childhoods lasted only 30 days that would be great… I'm sure Yod would have liked that.  He actually only has 4 posts tagged Beer, which I find a bit disappointing because Yod is a champion beer drinker.  I'm sure there's still a championship bust of him at whatever Frat house he attended.  And if there isn't, there should be.
Gunderson-bee has one post tagged I Don't Think I Have the Patience to be a Parent which is a very funny read…
So anyhow that's just a few peeps, but I'm running out of time today, so maybe I'll have to do a part 2 and 3 to this as well.  We'll see what's on the horizon.  

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