Back in Shack

I'm back in my tiny shack looking at a wall of dirt with a drilling rig behind me.  But it's all good because I've got my internets and with internet I am content to suffer the slings and arrows of boredom and shrug them off like cotton balls flung from a catapult.  

On days off I saw little sister again.  She wasn't sure if she'd be able to get away from her life-guarding job to come visit but a generous coworker covered her shift and so she managed to make it up here.  She's a busy girl, I got to peruse her photographs, they're the things envy is made of, hiking through the rockies, ice-climbing, mountaineering, and snowboarding.  Tash and I managed to buy her a cool purple and pink suitcase for her trip to Australia which she seemed to genuinely love.  I know someone suggested that, so props to whoever did, it was a good idea.
Alan Moore

Since the sublimely beautiful Watchmen trailer was released, Tash and I decided that we need to read the novel.  I'm about half-way through and I can understand why it has so much critical acclaim, it is a character study more than anything, but so compelling… and with more layers than an onion, I can see why so many people confess to reading it multiple times.  I certainly hope the movie does it justice, most of Alan Moore's other books have been adapted to film so poorly that the writer has exiled himself from the world in protest, if this one is done right… in conjunction with Dark Knight I predict we will see a glorious new dawn of story driven movies based on Graphic novels without tampering with the original message.  People want more substance and Dark Knight helped prove that, if Watchmen keeps the substance of the original novel and is good, I believe that it'll hit noteworthy sales figures to, and if that happens then the future of cinema looks bright indeed.

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