Pop Culture: Bigfoot and A Rocky Horror Remake

This is going to be my 2nd post in a row that mentions Georgia, only it's going to be a different Georgia.  

Allegedly some hunters have found a real body of bigfoot in the state of Georgia and it's being genetically tested.  Me I hope that if bigfoot is real that George Lucas casts one as Chewbacca when he remakes Star Wars.
Speaking of remakes (nice segue huh), Sky Movies and MTV are remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Now… I realize I'm young, but I'm not so young that I'm not familiar with Rocky Horror.  Hell, Kyle was (unsuccessfully) trying to teach me the dance moves in high-school.  So I feel this is wrong, on so many levels.  And I don't say that often.  Also the fact that the creator of the original who is still ALIVE, has basically condemned the remake has made me decide to never speak of this abomination ever again.

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