Houses, Debt and Finances

A few days back a friend of ours gave us a tip on a house that was selling for $65,000 and I get the news from Tash.  The first question out of my mouth of course was "What's wrong with it?", because in this town you can't buy a scrap heap on a square foot marsh for less than a quarter million it seems like.  Lots in this town sell for $65,000.  Last year we did a walk through on a house worth $89,000 and it was unlivable.  Like piss-on-the floor til the boards rot out from under you kinda unlivable.  Knock it over and start again.  So when something gets released for $65,000 in our town and it actually has 4 walls on it I'll check it out, apparently some work has already been done on the inside.  

For $65,000 I figure I could pull a 20 year mortgage at around a $600.00 payment which is insanely doable, even if I do still have to live in my apartment for a bit to get the place up to standards.  And from the drive-by Tash says the place looks like a dive, which is also fine by me, if the foundation is solid and the building is halfway decent I can toss a new roof and siding on it, do some yard work and the only real money would be for updating the heating and electrical, and I could turn it over for twice if not triple the price.  The big thing is that I need to have it inspected, if the foundation is no good then the whole thing isn't worth the hassle, not right now.
The thing is… I'm really pragmatic about the whole thing, all I do is work and while I'm pretty close to home, I have to stay here pretty much constantly, so I can't do any of the legwork on this deal, all I can do is sign the checks.  And so I work and Tash makes the arrangements to see if something works out.  
Maybe it will, or not, who knows.

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One Response to Houses, Debt and Finances

  1. lostdwarf says:

    Good luck! I hope you get it and it's workable. That would give me hope that something like that is actually available out there!

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