Youth and Religion

As I make my transition into adulthood I'm starting to forget some of the things that I considered important.  It's interesting that when I started this blog I listed religion and mythology as major interests, yet I've hardly wrote about them.  Part of this is because I've had a problem integrating religion and mythology into my stories and I'm still struggling with those issues.  When I was young Religious discovery was such a big part of my life… lately it's been eclipsed by political discovery, which is interesting, but doesn't spark the same wide-eyed wonder that old myths do.  

I've become too pragmatic as of late.  Financial security has tempered my dreams and visions of miraculous change with calculated opinions and boring planning.  I forget about the questions I had when I was younger like does magic exist?  Or do miracles occur?  As a kid these might not have been any more valid to my life then they are now, but they inspired me and made me question things.  
I've forgotten how relevant those things were to me, so it was an eye opener when I find out that Churches actually consider it a massive problem that youth are making a massive exodus from the Christian faith to "new age" spiritualist faiths.  My pragmatic self can't help but analyze this behavior from a larger standpoint, that young people don't want to identify with the same faiths and values that have filled the world with conflict and hate.  I know I didn't.  For me it was the history of the inquisitions that drove me back.  Now I see much the same in the tensions surrounding the Islamic faith.  There's hypocrisy in every religion, but the ones with history have more than the cool new thing does.  There's also the drive for individuality that wicca or druidism accommodate better than the monolithic faiths of their parents.  
Now where am I going with this?  I'm working on new stories, stories about modern mythology, and in such stories I want to consider where the magic would exist in plausible ways and how it would start to change the world?  I've struggled with those questions before, and now I'm back to them…

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