McCain the Independent?

I know the rhetoric, candidates move toward the center during their federal election… so when I listen to Tucker Bounds, the McCain spokesperson (And a speaker I respect greatly.) and he keeps delivering the line that McCain is independently minded I know that he's trying to separate his campaign from the Bush Administration, but I can't help but feel like McCain doesn't have the strength and integrity to enact needed reforms to his party.  

I've got to say that while I do like that Biden is pragmatic in a dangerous time with Iran, I do NOT like that he considers civil libertarians a bunch of nut jobs.  He practically drafted the PATRIOT act, and to me that says that an Obama Administration won't respect the values that I care about. 
So I look to McCain wondering what he could do to change my heart and mind.  The most obvious thing would be to VEEP a libertarian like Bob Barr or George Phillies.  But that I sincerely doubt will ever happen.  GOP values aren't the same as Libertarian ones even if you discount the last 8 years.  
One thing that frightens me beyond words to properly express is if he chooses Joe Lieberman as his VP.  Lieberman is an ideologue that favors Israel, and while I acknowledge that Israel is an alley of the states, the Israelis are not without fault and certainly don't deserve America's unconditional allegiance.  Iran is a very dangerous situation, both militarily and economically, and an ideological stance against them is the ultimate recipe for disaster.  God is NOT a good enough reason to start World War Fucking Three, and that I fear is what will happen if ideological Neo cons get their way.  
That's not to say that Iran is not dangerous, it is, there's a lot of opposition to America from Iran, and they're trying to develop nuclear technology.  I completely admit that an Iran with nuclear weapons is a very scary thought, but there is yet still room to sort things out.  That sorting out will take a calm and pragmatic approach, not a temperamental ideological one.  Lieberman is an ideologue to the core and will not be taking a measured approach in that situation.  I've seen him working at protecting Americans by taking away their rights and if he's a VP I'm foresee him taking American's choice regarding going to war with Iran.  I can't see McCain stopping him.
I really hope Joe Lieberman won't be joining the legislative branch of the United States government this November.
That's my message of hope.

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One Response to McCain the Independent?

  1. shellakers says:

    I'm sure God would agree and wouldn't WANT to be used as a reason to start World War III. It's a pretty scary state of affairs that we're in now.

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