Sitting and Thinking

I've been mostly quiet this past week, digesting the Democratic national convention, learning how things go and how things have changed and generally just taking it all in.  Now more than ever I think the media likes to tell people what to think, it's frustrating and irritating but it gives me insight.  

After last night's speech I'm kinda hoping this will become a battle of philosophies.  Obama's speech was great, but it was also quite liberal, he stretched across party lines somewhat into some of the more traditional liberal areas such as libertarianism (though not enough in my opinion) which have generally been considered conservatism for the past while, but for the most part his ideas were quite liberal, drop money into programs and somehow pay for it by cutting the fat.  Great if he can pull it off, but no one in existence ever has yet that I know of, so I'm not holding my breath.  Admittedly this is no surprise, all politicians campaign by offering far more then they can ever pull off.  
Overall his stances are by and large quite liberal, which is great if you like that sort of thing, not so great if you don't.
McCain on the other hand is going to run on the old-faithful stance.  America is conservative, more conservative than probably any country in the world shy of the more totalitarian regimes.  American's do like being conservative and despite the past 8 years there is a security and comfort in that old ideology still.  The idea that one's grandparents didn't have much and sometimes they scraped by but despite it all life seemed good back then, people helped each other and life was simple. 
I hope that it comes down to a battle of ideologies.  Obama is inspiring and eloquent and passionate and LIBERAL.  McCain is experienced and pragmatic and moody and CONSERVATIVE.  The choices aren't going to get any more clear-cut than this.  This election is not seeing two identical candidates and deciding to vote for one because one wants to focus on stem cell research and the other doesn't.  They are different in nearly every way, and that's what makes this interesting.  This election is a fork in the road, more historic than I think anyone realizes, each candidate wants to follow a very different path, and it now up to the American people to decide which way they want to go.
Not that it makes any difference, but I know which direction the rest of the world wants…

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