Governor Palin… lol

Okay.  The more I read about Governor Sarah Palin the more I'm laughing at this.  Were we talking about experience before?  Because this makes a mockery of that whole discussion.  

Let's take a look at her credentials.
Education:  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Idaho.  Being that she's a beauty queen I assume that she was looking into becoming a TV anchor.  
Before becoming governor she was on the city council of the town of Wasilla Alaska.  Pop: 8,471.
She was also appointed Ethics commissioner of the Oil and Gas Commission in 2003, however she resigned in 2004 citing "lack of ethics" among her other commissioners and when she left she exposed the corruption in several members of the commission.  And her fellow republican party chairman Randy Reudrich.  
She became Governor in 2006.  The highlights of her career are passing an ethics bill and shelving pork barrel projects.  She's helped pass a tax increase on oil company profits, while simultaneously promoting oil exploration in Alaska including reserved areas such as ANWR.  She's passed several bills that amount to granting major licenses to oil companies for various stages of operation in Alaska.  
Those are her qualifications.  I'd like to add that before choosing her, Senator McCain had met her only once.  
Well she's certainly not elitist, and her heart is in the right place, she's got some energy credentials, and she has not a speck of dirt on her.  Seriously though, her political credentials are that she's spent 20 months governing a state with a population that's less than the city of Chicago!!!  Before that, she was on the city council of a town that had a population of 1/10th the number of people that were in the Stadium listening to Obama's speech last night.  
Now she could be the Vice President of America, the potential successor to a man who's had cancer 7 times.  
Personally she's a lovely woman, 5 kids and still breast feeding her latest a boy with Down syndrome, despite this she says she's quite ready to hit the campaign trail.  
I guess all I can say is… good for her.

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