Why Rain on the Parade is a Good Thing

The first thing I'd like to say is that I apologize for the insensitive nature of this post.  While it seems like I'm trivializing the very real danger the people of New Orleans are in this is not my intention, I'm merely looking at the political convention and connecting a few dots.

Mid month Dr. James Dobson told a prayer group to "pray for rain" during Obama's speech in Mile High stadium.  He may have gotten what he prayed for, just not when or where he prayed for it.  
Instead it's raining on the GOP convention, not directly but most certainly in a very influential way. 
As Hurricane Gustav barrels it's way towards New Orleans the GOP convention starts to rethink it's self.  Katrina was a political failure in almost every way and it cannot happen ever again.  Like 911, this was a tragedy that cannot happen twice and I'm quite sure it won't.  While this is most definitely not good for the people still trying to rebuild after Katrina, this event is perfect for the Republican party.
Last week's Democratic convention was bad for the Republicans.  They're up against one of the undisputed great orators of our time and they cannot beat him at his own game.  Now it seems as if they won't need to.  They can prove their mettle on the field of battle like great leaders should and Obama will have a hard time taking the spotlight away from that.  
George Bush and Dick Cheney have cancelled their appearances for the convention, which is a good thing.  They were the elephant in the room;  worse than that, they were the stinky rotting carcass of the elephant in the room that no sleight of hand or stage magic could hide.  Now it seems they won't have to be hidden, they have a perfectly legitimate reason to work late and the Republican party couldn't be better for it.
Now Sarah Palin's risky choice seems a bit better, she'll be amazingly compassionate and helpful and motherly during a time of tragedy, and it will contrast with McCain's pragmatic approach to fixing the problem.  It is almost impossible that they won't be coming through this looking good.  
And John McCain, who spurns teleprompters due to ailing eyesight, sometimes reading from the podium, may not have to tout his own virtues with words.  Instead he can be the man of action, and at the end of the day when the rain subsides he can look at the camera and keep his speech short.  "Obama talk.  I act.  See?"

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2 Responses to Why Rain on the Parade is a Good Thing

  1. snoringKatZ says:

    I have to say that – for the sake of many but mostly because I'm a spiteful wench – I'm cheering for Gustav to stall/take a u-turn/fizzle out way before anything severe happens because I'd love to see all that egg all over all those posturing faces.And it would be most awesome to have all those people who've battled back in spite of gub'mint "help" not have to endure more of the same.

  2. Sheri says:

    How is McCain going to act on this though? He's not actually the president – he holds no more political power than Obama. One's a senator from Arizona – the other's a senator from Illinois. What can either of them do about a crisis on the Gulf Coast besides talk? Their VP picks – also 2 senators from other states. Who cares if Palin comes across as motherly? She can't actually do much of anything other than campaign. It will be interesting to see the response this time. It's obvious that Nagin has changed his game – he's ordering evacuations early, providing the resources to get people out, and not establishing any "shelter of last resort." He's not playing around this time, and neither are the state governments in those areas. We'll have to wait and see if the feds have cleaned up their act at all. But even if there is massive devastation, this won't be Katrina v. 2.0 – the human toll won't be there. People are evacuating early this time, and nobody has any sympathy for anybody who stays behind. There is absolutely no excuse to stay in NOLA this time around – everyone knows better. There will be no people on rooftops or bridges, and no crowds at the Superdome. There is ample opportunity to get out of there this time around, and anyone who stays behind for Gustav is on his own. I wouldn't toss this as a definite advantage to the GOP, but merely as one of those situations that is so dramatic that it is immediately amenable to spin. McCain could use it to appear concerned and involved and the antithesis of "McSame" or the Dems could use it as a visceral reminder of Katrina, complete with "heckuva job" soundbytes. Obama's oratory skills could come in handy here if he plays his cards right – or his inexperience could bite him in the butt. It will be interesting to watch. But it won't be another Katrina.

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