Back to that Old Iraq War…

It's not been news lately but I'd like to point out once again what's gotten America into the situation it's in.  That what has a name and it's Bush.

Lately everyone's whining about how congress is blocking bills that would "support the troops" which is partisan speech for "those democrats in congress are going to let your boys die if you vote them in".  But in this case I cannot fault the house, the American people are tired of the war in Iraq, and they've been led to believe (incorrectly) that it's over and that any day now the troops should start coming home, so the democrats in the house are only playing to their constituents.  The people want money being spent on fixing life at home, not on shooting people in a country who's government has proclaimed that they don't need them anymore.
Here's the thing, Iraq is not won, and at this point it never will be, not by America anyway.  Why?  Because America cannot fight the war the way it needs to be fought.  Iraq is a war of insurgency with decentralized blocks intimidating and gaining popularity with the people fighting independently of a central group.  That sort of war requires a blanket approach, not surgical strikes which is what the United States army is best at.  What I mean by blanket is that Iraq needs to be flooded with troops who's primary purpose is to provide CONSTANT security and gain the trust of the people.  Without that constant security environment the locals will not be able to trust the army troops enough to assist them in rooting out the insurgents because they will likely be killed for it.  The usual approach the american military uses is get information about an insurgent base and call in an air strike, which simply doesn't instill trust because it's impersonal.  The surge was working because it helped provide that security environment that forced the insurgents to back off. 
The problem is that the American people are tired, Iraq is old news and public support for that war is at an all-time low, without public support a democracy cannot continue to push that agenda without going down the path of a dictatorship.  What this means is that America is simply unable to fight the Iraq war the way it needs to be fought.
Ironically, the war could have been won by now if Bush had done what the American people wanted and congress and his own generals urged at the beginning of the war which was send MORE TROOPS!  Public support was high, people were ready to oust Saddam and they wanted a decisive victory.  They would have supported 10 times the amount of troops that were sent initially which ironically would have been pretty close to the amount that have been stationed there right now.  The unprecedented amount of troops hitting the ground would have stunned would-be insurgents in the face of American might and the Bush administration would likely be heralded as a great success rather than the morally and financially bankrupt one that it is considered currently.  The mission would have actually been accomplished.
Instead today we have an unwinnable quagmire that's raising tensions in the whole area because the job simply isn't finished and America is wanting to withdraw.  Iran will continue to support insurgents and the tone in the area will continue to be resolutely anti-American and oil prices will not drop.  
So what is the solution?  
For a reason that is unfathomable to me the American people seem to all have a very very poor opinion of the United Nations, personally I think there are some hurt feelings on both sides but they both need to swallow their fucking pride and work together on this.  The UN needs to get over their beef with America acting unilaterally on this, and America needs to get over their notion that the UN is a bunch of useless pantywaists that can't organize a piss-up in a brewery.  The fact is that Iraq needs peacekeeping and that's what the UN does very very well, all Iraq has to do is request the aid and it would likely be granted.  It would be win-win for everyone and for the life of me I cannot understand why the American people have not been demanding it for the past two years.

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  1. Cap'n Crook says:

    …because our philosophy is we're the kings of the world, and it will only take a token force to defeat those pesky Germanics.Ooops, wrong empire.

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