Of Wisdom Teeth and Hotels

Short blog update, I have been gone too much and have not regaled you with anything good lately.  Apparently the last rig I was on I made a good impression because the consultant running it won't let a new guy look after it unless I come along to orientate him, which normally would be great and all, 3 days of slack work being OK with me usually, but I'd booked the 1st off for my first dentist appointment in like 6 years, routine stuff, but yesterday I developed a pain in the side of my mouth and that pain turned to swelling and that swelling turned into eating becoming an excruciating ordeal.

So I've mentioned before that I'm the luckiest MoFo on the planet, and this time is no exception.  Why you ask?  Because Tash booked this dentist appointment back in July.  3 months is the waiting time if you'll believe it.  So what are the odds that my wisdom Teeth decide to act up 3 days before my first appointment since I was in high school?  
You only wish you had my luck.
But anyhow, for the next few days I'm suffering with ambisol and colloidal silver trying to keep the pain and infection down while I train up new guy so that I can steal away one day from the grind in order to get my face fixed.  It's unpleasant, but pain builds character and at least I have free wireless internet in this hotel.  
I wonder if they sell scratch and wins downstairs…?

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