Equal Rights for the Sexes – Giving Men the Right to Abort

With the American election coming up quickly there are a lot of issues that are on people's minds, abortion is one of them.  Interestingly nothing is mentioned about Abortion in the Constitution one way or the other so technically it should be a State governed issue.  Abortion is a touchy subject that I've waded into with care only a few times, it often enflames tempers and in many ways arguments coming from both sides are valid because ultimately one's stance is dependent on one's personal morality.  To clarify my position on the matter currently I am personally Pro Life, but Politically Pro Choice when it comes to abortion.  I would offer aid and assistance to a young struggling potential mother without judgement and help her explore all avenues that would allow the baby to live, but I would never ever ever support any sort of government intervention which amounts to politicians saying they know better what's going on in some girl's life better than she does. 

However as they exist abortion laws are unbalanced, they are completely and utterly sexist and allow unscrupulous women to enslave a fellow human being for up to 18 years.  This is a horrible injustice, it laughs in the face of equal rights, and harkens back to the days of slavery.  It can be exploited by immoral and lazy people and can often enough ruin someone's life.  

Why are men not given the right to choose whether or not they can abort?  If women can then men should be able to as well.

The thing is, I'm not joking.  Men should be legally allowed to abort a fetus as well.  No I'm not saying they should be able to force a woman to kill her unborn child, that would be barbaric, I'm talking about allowing a man the legal right to sever all ties and responsibility to a child in the same timeframe that a mother would be allowed to choose to abort.  This legal precedent would completely sever ties between the man and his offspring and cannot be changed or undone, once he has given up his rights to fatherhood they are gone for good.  

The flip side of this amendment would be what if the father wants to keep the baby but the mother wishes to abort.  Legally this is much more touchy because if not handled correctly it amounts to making women brood mares (also barbaric), however in such a matter I believe that a man wishing to care for his own child sans the mother should offer up payment for the mother's surrogacy as carrying the baby for 9 months is a service she would be providing.  Women wishing to keep their babies would not be legally bound to pay for the sperm donation unless an agreement was arranged before conception.  Of course after the baby is born, the mother would legally sever all ties and responsibility for the child and the baby would be relinquished into the permanent care of the father.  

These amendments are extremely logical and in fact I cannot understand why they have not been enacted or even suggested as law yet.  In a country which claims that all are given equal rights no matter race, creed, or gender this situation is inexcusable and needs to be remedied right away.

As when any new law is suggested there of course should be input from the people, so I now gladly turn over these suggestions for broader scrutiny and suggestion.  The concepts here were originally brought to light by my good friend Ian Cognito to give credit where credit is due, and as such I'm granting him the privilege of getting all the flame comments while I'll just take the constructive criticism and praise.  I'm selfless like that.  Flamer's please oblige.

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3 Responses to Equal Rights for the Sexes – Giving Men the Right to Abort

  1. Kelly says:

    Condoms are effective 98% of the time. So that means 2% of the time, they don't work in preventing pregnancies.

  2. Alex says:

    I would add to that that we frequently legislate for situations we have not experienced. Should women who cannot have children or don't want to be allowed to have a say in whether other women have the right to choose? Is it enough that you could potentially raise a child to understand what other women go through? I think with subjects like this understanding and empathy go a long way, because they're seriously emotional subjects.But so is rape. Or the molestation of a child – and many of us legislate about these thankfully without having direct experience. I don't think it's good enough to say "you can't experience it, so you can't have a say". I haven't had a child and I find abortion tragic, but I also feel that my decision on that is moral and religious, so I must allow for a choice for other women protected by law. I can't experience prostate cancer, but I'm happy for my taxes and donations to go towards finding a cure or better treatments. I can't experience being a lesbian, but I'm happy to vote for governments who will protect single-sex unions etc. The issue in Toe-Knee's post seems to more be not about the abortion itself than the loopholes in the legislation of child support and the way that some women can manipulate it. I'm afraid I'm not sure there's a lot we can do about a situation where a man wants to keep a child but a woman doesn't. It's not as simple as providing surrogacy because the physical and mental effects of giving birth unwillingly are just too severe – sorry, Tony, I don't think there's any way to avoid brood mare syndrome and that's unnacceptable. But forcing a man to pay for a child doesn't mean they'll truly support that child in any way shape or form and there are so many terribly grey areas there's a whole other level of discussion there. I'm all for reform of child support laws to stop the minority of unscrupulous women from manipulating them, but that's not a discussion about abortion and it's complex in its own right.

  3. Unknown says:

    Okay….One blogger invited me as a new neighbor and this was the first post she reposted. On my blog I wrote about abortion. I like what Dancing Bear wrote. I am pro-life. Unlike my religion – I am pro-birth control. Unlike most religions that want totally abstinent people (which is a whole other discussion that goes beyond morality and echoes Dancing Bear's colorful comment). The reality is if kids are having sex, give them birth control. Aids in Africa isn't just about the lack of birth control. It goes to such deep issues of rape as an efficient act of war, sex trafficking virgins because the buyers (with Aids) think if you have sex with a virgin your Aids will be removed. So let's stick to America. 50 million abortions in 30 years. Fill up 2 jumbo jets with 500 children every day, 365 days a year, 500 hundred lives, every day, all year, year in, year out for 30 years and fly those jumbo jets into the ground nosedive. People couldn't stop emailing and putting news stories and Twitter and blogs about the miracle landing that save 150 people. Yet if every day for 30 years we allowed two jumbo jets to fly out and nosedive and destroy children, would we stand by? But we do. Because we say they aren't lives. (I did at 8 weeks pregnant). We say the mother's right to choose. I get it. I was pro-choice. The statistics show the majority of abortions are not for rape, incest or life of mother. If we could change 98% of the unwanted pregnancies, Dancing Bear is right, we wouldn't have such a dire problem. Teach abstinence AND safe sex. Give out condoms and stop being outraged that kids are exposed to the horrors of this in school. Hello? They are on the Internet, MTV, on and on and on. And no matter how much a home school/no Facebook/no MTV bubble they might be in good devout kids get pregnant. Bristol Palin can tell you. But people who are pro-life flip out when we try to prevent it.There are people here sensitive to one truth. Abortion is a life sentence – on the mother. If you've ever seen an ultrasound of a baby, or at 8 weeks heard the heartbeat, contrary to what the said back before I ever got pregnant, it IS a life, not a thing, not a blob, not a grain of rice. It is a miracle. Look in the mirror at the miracle you are. Look at your friend, your child, your brother, sister, spouse, hero and ask, what if someone said, "I can't handle it" and aborted them. How sad life would be. The movie, "It's a Wonderful Life" could actually be a pro-life movie.I will never get over what I did. I don't dwell. I have healed. I have made peace with my child in heaven. But I still know it. And when I was asked to be involved w/pro-life in my church, I had to get off a fence. Pro-life and pro-choice. And stop the jumbo jets that nose dive. I can't and won't speak to the legislation. I just want the education to be, once you choose to have sex, you chose to have life – if that is an outcome. And I agree with Patricia – no unwanted pregancy should be raised by incompetent parents. Most of us who try our hardest are bad enough at it đŸ™‚ Give the baby a chance. Trouble with reply boxes is they are teeny, hard to read and I can't go back and edit. So forgive me if I didn't make sense. I had a feeling I was "neighbored" to come here. If not, fine. I am not judgemental. If anything, my heart breaks for the women who have the life sentence of what they know they did. And I hope they find healing. And I hope the hypocricy of many religions and ideologies about birth control (bad)/abstince (only way) while being pro-life changes. Because that is stupid. And I tell them. And for those pro-life who judge young pregnant teens who don't have the conservative cachet of being Sarah Palin's daughter, that got gifts from around the world, I say, shut up, stop judging and get them resources and education to either raise the children or give them up for adoption – a la Juno or the media attacked younger Spears who did marry. Double standards SUCK.

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